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All of our services at Evolve Body Sculpting are mobile. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to achieve the results that they desire. All of our treatments can be performed inside our mobile spa that we will bring to your location. This allows us to serve clients that may not have the time to travel to a shop location due to for any number of reasons. Ultimately giving us the ability to do what we love to do and reach those individuals that have always wanted to achieve results and just never had the right convenience and opportunity.

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Ultrasonic Fat Reduction Through Cavitation

Riding your body of stubborn fat cells, not water weight. Fat cavitation induces emulsification of fat; it ruptures the fat cell membrane by bombarding it with ultrasonic vibrations, releasing its content and transforming it into a material easily eliminated by the sweat gland, liver, and lymphatic system, which is subsequently eliminated via the urine

  • Treatments $90.00 per focused zone

  • 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation + 1 Low Level Laser Therapy  $165 per Combined Treatment

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 Fat Reduction Through 
Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Using Light Diode Therapy this treatment rids the body of fat and is specific to body contouring. Typically an individual can see results in a month. Sessions are suggested to be twice a week for a month span before taking a break between treatments. There is zero need for recovery time since this treatment is completely non evasive and pain free. We couple each session with time in our IR Sauna Blanket allowing the full effect of the LLLT to be realized.  Sessions are $75 with a full month package of 8 treatments for $550 or half month for $275

Cryo-Sculpt Session

  • Using State of the art Cryo-Lipolysis Techniques we will freeze fat cells and allow for your efforts to yield excellent results. Fat cells are particularly susceptible to the effects of cold, unlike other types of cells. While the fat cells freeze, the skin and other structures are spared from injury. This is a 1.5 hour session that focuses on a specific section of your body. Most of these treatments require an initial consultation to make sure that we work on the problem areas that you desire to conquer first.

  • Services Start At $275

Non Surgical Butt Lift

Get your butt augmented without any surgery! Butt Vacuum Therapy is the most revolutionary non-surgical butt enhancement technique that gradually lifts and plumps the buttocks.

  • Enlarges and firms the buttocks without surgery

  • It increases the flexibility of the skin

  • Instantly lifts the buttocks by up to 70%

  • Improves venous and lymphatic flow

  • Exfoliate the epidermis for smoother skin

  • Stimulates the dermis and hypodermis as well as the muscles

  • Treatments $250 per session

Cavitation + Light Lipo

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EmSlim Muscle Stimulation

  • Known as a HI-EMT machine that was created for aesthetic purposes. It has 2 separate applicators with a high-intensity setting. This cutting-edge technology provides non-invasive and non-surgical body contouring methods by burning fat and building muscle. Each Session can be equivalent to thousands of reps in the gym.

  • $150 per session

  • 1 Ultrasonic Cavitation + 1 EMSlim $240 Per Combined Treatment 

Laser lipo equipment. Cosmetic fat reduce treatment. Woman in medicine salon. Anti celluli

 Fat Reduction through Cavitation +
Low Light Laser Therapy

Riding your body of stubborn fat cells, not water weight. Results can be seen immediately and with results increasing in 72 hours. Plus immediate care through laser lipo techniques. Consultation Required prior or at time of service. Combined Services $140.00

See More Of Our Treatments

Our list of Treatments will continue to expand and grow. What may not be listed here can be viewed in our scheduling portal. Please use the link and see all of our services and what Evolve Body Sculpting can do to partner with you for lasting results.

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