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We are the Lipp Family. I am Janine and my husband is Michael (Mikey is what I call him). We have been best friends since we were 14 and just 7 years ago I realized that I needed to finally release him from the bonds that is "the friend zone". Never did I imagine a person that I could have the world with and be so happy. We married on November 17th and haven't looked back.

I founded the idea of Evolve Body Sculpting on a thought of how I truly don't like going to a location to work out, have beauty treatments or body sculpting done myself. I believed that getting some of those services accomplished right out my front door would be way more appealing and give a feeling of greater privacy. Plus a all around more conclusive atmosphere for the results I want. 

So Mikey and I decided that we would create Evolve on the foundation that we can bring our unique services and vibe straight to our clients driveways, parking lots, businesses or whatever is necessary for success. I have always had a passion for the body sculpting industry and really look forward to sharing that passion with all of my Kootenai County, ID family. 

We Only Have One Body, The Time To Evolve It Begins Now!!

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